Great Prices On Home Coffee Roasters May 16 2017, 0 Comments

Our Canadian dollar has put a real damper on travel as well as shopping outside of our country, but why look outside of our country for great deals when we have great deals right now.  Let's compare some of our roasters with prices from the United States using an exchange rate of $1.36 per US dollar( the actual exchange rate that you pay on your credit card is likely even higher than this).

Freshroast SR500      US price of $179 * 1.36 = $243 CND      our price = $229 CND

Freshroast SR700      US price of $259 * 1.36 = $352 CND      our price = $329 CND

Behmor 1600              US price of $369 * 1.36 = $502 CND      our price = $489 CND

Gene Café                  US price of $585 * 1.36 = $795 CND      our price = $749.50 CND

As you can see you just can't beat buying your home coffee roaster in Canada!  We also have roaster packages that bring you additional savings and when you add in the fact that we offer free shipping*(some places a fat rate) in Canada you better get your roaster now. 

If our dollar continues to trend the way that it is the manufacturers are going to change what we are allowed to sell these roasters at so that they will compare to our US counterparts, so don't hesitate, get your roaster now.

Christmas for you - Extended warranty for free on all Fresh Roast Roasters November 24 2016, 0 Comments

Do we have a deal for you!!! Between now and Christmas, anyone who orders a Fresh Roast coffee roaster can get an extended warranty for free.  This means that you get two years of warranty on these wonderful roasters for absolutely no extra charge.  All that you need to do is follow these simple instructions.

GO to -- 

Then you need to click on "Purchase Extended Warranty"

Fill in the following.

Date of Purchase---

Place of Purchase----

Serial Number ----  You can find the serial number on the bottom of the unit. It starts with a letter then 5 numerals. (A12345)

You then go to "Add to Cart" click in 1 

Click "View  Cart"

Next to "Apply Coupon" enter EXT16 

Click "Checkout"

This will take you to Billing. Fill in the appropriate information, NO CREDIT CARD IS NECESSARY 

Click on Place Order, the customer will receive an email within 24 hour that his roaster is registered for the second year warranty.

Take advantage of this wonderful offer as it won't be around for long.  Merry Christmas!!!

Bad News with Canadian versus U.S.A. Dollar March 16 2015, 2 Comments

This really drives me crazy,  but it is just a fact of the world that we live in!  Our Canadian dollar has been plummeting in relation to the U.S. dollar and this affects one of the things that I love the most.  I am passionate about coffee and I want to see the coffee farmer receive a fair price for all of their hard work growing the drink that I love to enjoy.  The problem that we face in Canada is that coffee is traded in U.S. dollars so whenever our dollar drops in relation to the US dollar it brings about an increase in price of our beloved drink: coffee. 

I have done my best to trim costs where I can but the sad reality is I have had to adjust our prices to reflect the world that we live in.  All that we can do is hope and pray that our dollar will one day soon begin to rebound in relation to the US dollar and allow us to give you a break on the wonderful cup of coffee that we all love to enjoy.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope that you will all be able to sit down and enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee,  making this news maybe just a little more palatable.

Why roast coffee at home with the FreshRoast SR500 or SR700? August 06 2014, 1 Comment

The answer to this question is adapted from the FreshRoast SR500 box.  I felt that it was very applicable and something that many of you might find interesting.

So why roast coffee at home?

  • Fresh and flavourful coffee, guaranteed - Commercially roasted whole bean coffee starts to lose flavour in just three days but green(unroasted) beans stay fresh for about two years.
  • Home roasting is fast and easy- The FreshRoast SR500 automatically roasts enough coffee to brew about 20 cups and does it in under ten minutes.
  • Beans are roasted to your liking - Whatever your favourite roasting style, from light cinnamon to rich Italian, the FreshRoast SR 500 lets you have complete control.
  • You will discover your creative side - Combine different bean varieties and roasting styles to create special blends for yourself, family and friends.  Custom coffee blends make thoughtful gifts.
  • More coffee choices - At we offer popular and exotic green coffee beans, including decaffeinated, organic, sustainable and fair trade varieties from around the world.

Roasting Coffee At Home February 14 2014, 1 Comment

Since we have launched the store we have had many inquiries: how to roast coffee at home?  The answer to this question can be almost as varied as the number of people asking the question.  There is not just one way to roast coffee and many people have their own preferences as to which way is the best.  In this blog entry, I will not take the time to go into great detail as to any one home roasting method for green coffee beans but will try to give a brief overview to wet your interest.  Perhaps in future blog posts I will take the time to go into greater detail of the different methods and how to gain the best success with each method.

There are many different methods to roast green coffee beans in your home.  One of the most basic methods is by roasting coffee beans in a fry pan.  With this method it is best to use a fry pan(perferably a heavy cast iron one) that will be dedicated to roasting coffee beans.  The reason for this is that you don't want your bacon or sausage contaminating your coffee beans.  You will need to continuously stir your coffeee beans to try and ensure the most even roast that you possibly can.  This can be very challenging and can also result in quite a lot of smoke so remember to keep your hood fan on.

Another way that many people have tried is by baking their beans in the oven.  Again this is a very difficult way to evenly roast your beans although their are many people that feel that this is their roasting method of choice.

A great entry level roaster would be a whirley bird popcorn maker.  This method works pretty good as long as you do not overload the machine and you remember that you need to continuously turn the crank until your coffee is finished.  At that point you should get the beans into a colander as quickly as possible to stop the roasting process.  This method of roasting works very well and I have had many cups of coffee roasted this way that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Many home coffee roasters have found that using a air popcorn maker works quite well. This is much less labour intensive and can provide for a pretty good roast if your popcorn popper can provide the necessary heat  to bring the beans from start to finish (not all popcorn poppers are created equal).

The next method that I would like to mention is using the Fresh Roast coffee roaster. This is an air roast coffee roaster and within five to nine minutes will provide you with a nicely roasted batch of coffee beans.  It is a very user friendly machine and in many ways is idiot proof.  You will have a great batch of beans that will result in a lively cup that is easy to reproduce should you want to roast some more beans the same way.

The final way that I would like to mention in today's post is using the Gene Cafe coffee roaster.  This is a drum roaster that will roast a larger batch of coffee than the Fresh Roast.   It will take you approximately fifteen minutes to roast and then another 10 minutes to cool the beans.  This machine will empasize the body of your coffeee and allows for much more user input should you want to tweek your roast.  This is my perfered method for home roasting.

There are many other methods that have been used from hot air guns to barbeques, to other home made contraptioons.  As I always say to my wife, "even a bad home roast is better than store bought coffee."

So why not try starting to home roast today?  You might be in for the best cup of coffee that you have ever had.