Introducing the Fresh Roast SR700 May 29 2014, 4 Comments

We want to introduce you to the Freshroast SR700. We are Canada's only retailer of the Freshroast SR700 and are pleased to offer these roasters to those of you that would like to go a little bit more hi-tech.

The SR 700 is an improved design over the SR 500.  The SR 700 still roasts the same quantity as the SR 500 and SR 300. With the fully programmable computer software, you will now be able to save and duplicate roast profiles for all preferences of coffee. It’s an easy plug and play system, use the provided sync cord and program. You will now be able to adjust time, temperature, and fan speed at any point during the roast and save your changes, to be used again.  The software allows you to make changes to the roast profile, even after the roast has completed for a later roast.


Our Fresh Roast SR 700 are now in stock.  Be one of the first to own this machine in Canada.  Order yours today.