Baratza Virtuoso Grinder

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The details make all the difference with Baratza's Virtuoso grinder: precision steel conical burrs, which create fewer "fines"(tiny bean particles that extract too fast and result in sour coffee), a 60 second timer switch, easy pulse button, and faster grinding(up to 2.4 grams per second).  Spanning the range from Espresso to French press, the grinder shines with manual brewing of any coffee.  With its cast zinc upper casing and base, the Virtuoso brings exceptional cup quality and elegance, as well as durability to the coffee-lover's home brewing setup.

  • Application: all purpose
  • Burr: 40 mm Steel by etzinger
  • Grind Range: 200-1400 microns
  • Steps of adjustment: 40
  • Speed of Grind: 1.5-2.4 grams/sec
  • Standard Bean Hopper Capacity: 8 oz. or 227 grams
  • Usable grounds bin capacity: 5.1 oz. or 145 grams
  • Weight: 8 pounds or 3.6kg

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