Zambia - Kateshi Estate - Black Honey AAA/AA RFA


Zambia's northern province is home to the country's highlands, where ancient volcanic soils and Honey processing help produce the most complex flavour profile of this AAA/AA grade RFA certified coffee.  The difference between fully washed coffee and coffee that is naturally processed is not a fine line, it is a realm.  Honey processing explores this realm by removing the skin and pulp but not the mucilage before drying.  The results are sticky processing but more sweetly savoury flavours, like chocolate and caramel.  It is an exploration worthy of the country that is home to the smoke that thunders.  Long before Dr. Livingstone arrived to name Victoria Falls after the queen, the people who lived around this wonder of the natural world for generations had already named it more appropriately, "the smoke that thunders".  The falls thunder into the Zambesi River, which flows east toward Mozambique.  But before the river crosses the border, take a left and head north up the Luangwa river.  You'll move through land rich in biodiversity, including the world's largest concentration of hippos.  As the river meanders and the altitude rises you will reach Mafinga plateau and Zambia's largest coffee growing region which stretches all the way to the border with Tanzania.

Region: Zambia

Farm Name: Kateshi Estate

Processing: Black Honey

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Plant Species: Arabica

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays big body, nice fruity notes, sweet plum hops, floral  and citric.



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