Tanzania - APK Two Bridges Farm - Peaberry


This coffee comes from APK's Two Bridges Farm, on the Mesas of Kilimanjaro, the "peaberry" is a roaster's favourite.  Exceptional roasting quality, excellent flavour and a profile that beautifully represents the region.

APK (African Plantation Kilimanjaro) is part of Oro Molido, a family owned and operated, world class coffee company and foundation, dedicated to education and empowerment of the local people and communities.  Learn more at: http://apkl.co.tz/origin/

The Colombian/Africa connection :  APK has imported it's coffee growing and management techniques from Oro Molido's Colombian farms to bring in a new level of Quality and production to it's Tanzanian farms.  using modern technologieslike radial irrigation and solar electricity they play their part in the long term care and sustainable, economic growth of the area.

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