Pre-Umber Swiss Water Decaffeinated Blend, Fair Trade-Organic


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This is Pre-Umber's Swiss Water decaffeinated, fair-trade organic blend. 

This blend is composed of ethically-sourced, certified organic coffees from the most reputable cooperatives in Latin America, Indonesia and Africa and are brought together in a United Nations of coffee harmony, producing a big-bodied sweet cup that is sure to delight the even toughest of coffee connisseurs.

This blend is great for brewing and the coffee lover should look for herbal notes and dark chocolate.

If you are looking to use it for an espresso you will get citrus and cherry, plus those herbal notes again as well as a bonus treacle-like mouth-feel.  This marvel performs just as well as a straight shot as it does in a large latte.

Swiss water decaffeinated coffee is processed without the use of chemicals and results in one of the best decaffeinated coffees on the market today.



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