Laos - Java Fai Mai - Grade 1 Natural


Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Blueberry, Pineapple, Heavy body

FAI MAI is a Laos Estates product consisting of Anaerobic fermented naturals - up to 48 hours in anaerobic conditions. FAI Mai has Intense  and complex fruity notes and is cultivated at Laos Estates located in Bolavens Plateau.

The Bolavens Plateau in South Laos is the most favorable region for coffee cultivation in the country. The region boasts high elevations (up to 1350 masl), rich volcanic soils, and a moderate climate with plentiful sunshine, rainfall and a low risk of frost. The gentle slopes of the plateau negate many of the farming challenges posed by more mountainous and varied terrain.

The economy of Laos is overwhelmingly dominated by agriculture, accounting for around 25% of GDP and 73% of the labor force. With 22% of the population also living below the poverty line, there is a continuing need for sustainable agricultural supply chains and specialty coffee represents a key opportunity for these communities. 

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