Kona 100% Private Reserve Honey Processed Green Coffee


Tasting notes per roast level:

  • Light Roast: Bright and delicate, with fruity and floral notes of brown sugar, butter, cedar, strawberries, peach.

  • Medium Roast: Dried cherry, brown sugar, creamy, honey, anise, fruit punch, green grapes, dried apple..

  • Full-City (Med-Dark): Smooth and balanced notes of black cherry, cinnamon, hazelnut, cedar, cream, caramel, chocolate hints.

  • Dark Roast (Vienna): Soft and balanced notes of dark chocolate, cedar, hazelnut, chestnuts, caramel, almond.

Our Private Reserve 100% Kona is a mix of all premium grades of 100% Kona coffee beans: Extra Fancy (#19), Fancy (#18), Number 1 (#16) and Peaberry.

Variety: Arabica-Kona Typica 

Harvesting method: Hand-picked

Processing Method: Pulped Natural (Honey)

Drying method: Sun-dried.

Internal moisture content:  Between 9% to 12% percent by weight, complying with the international standards.

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