Kenya Wanjengi AB


Cupping Notes: Toffee, blackberry, chocolate

This is an AB Top grade wshed microlot from Wenjengi wetmill, one of four wetmills operated by Kahuhia Farmers Cooperative Society in Murang'a county.  The co-op is made up of small-holder farmers who culitivate varieties of SL28, SL35, Ruiru 11 and batian at altitudes of 1700-1850 masl.

The Kahuhia Farmers Cooperative Society was first registered under the coop act on the 25th of April 1959.  Wanjengi's sister factories in the society of Kahuhia, Gwethe and Gathinji.  Each factory is placed within the electoral zone/area, represented by the management committee who forms the Kahuhia board of directors.  In addition, the society has a supervisory board of 3 members who checks the activities of the management committee.  Both committees report to the cooperative members in annual general meetings.  The coop has 16 permanent staff.  It is located on the highly productive south western slopes of Mt. Kenya and on the eastern slopes of the Aberdares mountain range.  The main drop is harvested in October through December and an early crop in April through June of each year.

The coffee has undergone a traditional fully washed process.  Ripe coffee cherries are carefully selected and floated in clean water to remove any immature or poor quality cherries, which float to the top of the tank.  These top cherries are then pulped to remove the cherry fruit and fermented in clean water for 4-6 days to break down the remaining sugary mucilage.  The parchment coffee is washed with clean water in grading channels, and then dried on raised African beds for 3-5 weeks(depending on the ambient conditions).  Once the optimum moisture content has been reached the parchment is rested for around 1 month and then hulled, graded by bean size and further handpicked, before being bagged in Grain Pro for export.

Wet Mill: Wanjengi

Processing: Washed

Plant Species: Arabica

Varieties: Kent, Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34

Coffee Grade: AB Top

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