Jamaican Blue Mountain Mavis Bank Estate

$44.12 $59.12

The Mavis Bank Estate is located in a corner of the world where modern conveniences sit quietly amid unspoiled terrain.  Favoured by the ultimate combination of the ideal altitude, mineral rich soil, gentle cloud cover, mountain shade and ample sunlight, the cherry grown in the Blue Mountains take longer than others to mature.  More time, some claim, for it's rich flavour and aroma to develop.  More time, others argue, for its signature character to evolve.

Country: Jamaica

Producer: Mavis Bank Estate

Region: Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Process: Washed

Screen Size: 17/18

Grade: Grade 1

Cupping Notes:  This coffee has very good body in a clean balanced cup with a velvety,silky smooth taste it has a bold yet sparkling aroma with a profusion of floral notes and sweet herbal and nutty overtones.

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