India Rainforest Plantation A - Pearl Mountain Estate - RFA


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This is an A grade Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from the Pearl Mountain Estate in India.  Ratnagiri - translated in English to Pearl Mountain - was planted in 1920 and has been passed down now to the 3rd generation of Estate owners in the Patre family.  Situated between 12000 and 1500 meters in the mountain range of Western Ghat, this plantation - also home to pepper vines and cardamom groves - is known for its heavy and consistent rainfall.

Origin: India

Processing: Washed

Coffee Grade: Plantation A

Screen Size: 15 and up

Growing Altitude: 1200-1500 MASL

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays nougat, chocolate, with blackberry and almond.

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