Honduras - Roberto Salazar Finca Pashapa - FTO


Located in Ocotepeque, Honduras, Cocafelol is a cooperative with over 300 members.  They place great importance on coffee quality, as well as helping leaders compete in the globalized market, in turn working towards achieving sustainability of participating farmers and families.  This cooperative is strict with organic techniques and takes into consideration climate variability and effects on the environment.

Finca Pashapa/Lote El Lechero is located in the buffer zone of the national park of Guisayote in La Labor Ocotepeque, Honduras.  Its name comes from a traditional language from the culture Chorti that means "Tortilla con Dulce".  Finca Pashapa is a family farm planted by Roberto's father Jorge Alberto Salazar, and has become a family tradition.  as a third generation farmer, Roberto and his family focus on high quality coffee production and work to maintain flora and fauna diversity.

Country: Honduras

Region: Ocotepeque

Producer: Roberto Isaias Salazar

Farm: Finca Pashapa/Lote El Lechero

Varietals: Pacamara

Altitude: 1200-1500 MASL

Process: Washed

Screen Size: 16 Plus

Lot Size: 20 bags

Certification: Fairtrade Organic

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays citrus notes with chocolates and almonds in a balanced cup.

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