Honduras - Renan Bajurto Entre Robles - FTO


Located in Ocotepeque, Honduras, Cocafelol is a cooperative with over 300 members.  They place great importance on coffee quality, as well as help leaders compete in the globalized market, in turn working towards achieving self-sustainability of participating farmers and families.  Cocafelol also practices environmental sustainability, where they use 100% of the waste from the coffee beneficiary to feed a new nursery of fruit plants.  This cooperative is strict with their organic techniques and takes into consideration climate variability an effects on the environment.  Through having adaptable and resilient agricultural systems, Cocafelol envisions a future of sustained increase in productivity and income.

Renan Bajuurto's father owned land in Belen, where he had animals but no coffee.  When his father saw his passion for agriculture, he decided to give it to his son.  Renan lived in La Labor at the time, and focused on producing great coffee.  having been an active member of Cocafelol since 2012, his long term invvestment in the farm, agriculture, and effort in production has now resulted in high quality specialty coffee.

Country: Honduras

Region: Belen, Ocotepeque

Producer: Renan Amilcar Bajurto de Dios

Farm: Entre Robles "Between Oaks"

Varietals: Paca

Altitude: 1650 MASL

Process: Washed

Screen Size: 16 Plus

Microlot: 20 bags

Certification: Fair Trade Organic

Cupping Notes: Juicy stonefruit, sweet orange blossom and lavender.

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