Honduras - Justino Ardon Ayala - SHG Microlot


Cupping Notes: Green apple, grape, lemon

This is a washed SHG microlot from producer Justino Ardon Ayala and his farm Los Narajos in the Celaque region of western Honduras.

Justino Ardon ayala founded his farm Los Naranjos in 1985.  He cultivates the catimor varieties of IHCAFE 90 and Lempira at altitudes of 1450 masl.

Before getting into coffee, Justino worked 20 years in HONDUTEL (the Honduran telecommunication's company) as a telegrapher.  In 1988, while working the same job, he bought a 0.70 ha plot of land on which he worked every weekend until he was able to fill it with coffee.

From here, little by little, Justino continued buying more land and kept planting not only coffee but also fruit trees.  Thanks to the gradual profits earned from coffee, he was able to improve his wetmill, building a concrete structure in place of makeshift timber boxes.  He also was ale to build a concrete patio for drying.

In 2013 he built a 1.5 km road to access his farm, allowing for easier movement of coffee and equipment to and from his farm.  Today Justino owns a total area of 7.7 ha where 5 ha is planted with coffee that is prepared at his facilities in the community of Suanoy, La Campa, in the department of Lempira.

Harvesting is carried out selectively and by hand.  Ripe cherries are mechanically pulped and fermented in concrete tanks for 12-14 hours depending on the ambient conditions.  After thorough washing, the parchment coffee is sun-dried on concrete patios for 6-8 days(until the optimum moisture content is reached).  At this point the coffee is rested in a clean, cool and dry environment before secondary processing (milling, grading, sorting).

Region: Honduras

Farm Name: Los Naranjos

Processing: Washed

Plant Species: Arabica

Coffee Grade: SHG

Growing Altitude: 1500m

Screen Size: 15+


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