Guatemala Huehuetenago - Guaya'b Coop - SHB EP FTO SMBC


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Asociacion Civil Guaya'b is a coffee cooperative located in the Huehuetenago region of Guatemala.  The cooperative currently consists of 330 members, 316 of whom are indigenous.  Formally established in 1998, Guaya'b began selling to the Fairtrade market in 2000.  The sales made by Guaya'b have brought stability to the cooperative and have enabled members to meet their basic needs.  With the Dairtrade price, Guaya'b farmers have increased their own earnings and reinvested a portion of their profits into the community.  As a result, the region's economy is more stable and the rate of migration has decrease. Guaya'b cooperative members voted to finance medical insurance for members and their families with Fairtrade premiums.  the cooperative offers women's programs focusing on female nutrition, and work and business training.  This coffee is also Smithsonian Migratory Bird Certified.

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenago

Subregion: Jacaltenango

Producer: Guaya'b Coop

Processing: Washed

Coffee Grade SHB EP

Screen Size: 15 and up

Certifications: Fairtrade, Organic, Bird Friendly

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays chocolate, almond and caramel when cupping.

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