Fresh Roast SR500


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Look for new on the new SR540 arriving once the Canadian Safety Certification is completed.

The Fresh Roast SR500 has a 4 scoop, 120 gram, capacity.  The maximum programmable time is 9.9 minutes. At any point during the roast sequence you can add 6 seconds by tapping the button. Time can be subtracted using the same method. The timer can be overridden by tapping the “Cool” button; the roaster will go into the “Cool” mode for 3 minutes.  There are three temperature settings that can be adjusted at any time during the roasting process. High temp. = 490 degrees Medium temp. = 455 degrees Low temp. = 390 degrees.  A fan speed control allows adjustments of + or - 10% allowing for the finest tuning of the roast. At the start of the roast, the beans are at their heaviest and the fan speed can be turned up to keep the beans fluid and give an even roast. As the beans become lighter, the fan speed can be turned down to keep the beans from chipping. This is a wonderful air roaster allowing you to enjoy a great cup of coffee from your favourite green beans.

Important: If the unit remains plugged into an outlet for a long period of time or is not switched to the OFF position after the COOL mode has finished, the machine will go into a "Sleep Mode". While in this state it will not work.  If this happens, switch to the Off position, unplug and wait 10 minutes. This will reset the unit, thus making it ready to roast again. 


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