Ethiopia Sidamo - Deri Kochoha Hambela Wamena Grade 1 Washed


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This coffee is from the town of Hagere Mariam in the Guji Zone, located within Sidamo, which lies within the greater Oromia region of Ethiopia and borders the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region(SNNPR).  This area of the Oromia zone is south of Yirga Cheffe town, but has similar coffee growing altitudes of 1800 to 2000 meters.  The station has approximated 600 contributing farmers, and produces approximately 2 containers per year.  They use a traditional disc pulper to remove the coffee cherry fruit skins, then use a very long 72 hour under-water, traditional fermentation to break down the mucilage layer of the fruit.  The coffee is vigorously agitated in the fermentation tank with wooden paddles to work the mucilage off, then washed in a soaking tank of clean water for an overnight bath.  Finally it is taken to the raised beds for drying.

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Sidamo

Subregion: Hambela Wamena, Oromia, Sidamo, Guji, Hagermaryam

Processing: Washed

Wet Mill: Deri Kochoha Washing Station

Coffee Grade: Grade 1

Growing Altitude: 1800-1950 MASL

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays Bergamot, white grape, apricot and dark chocolate with a long finish.

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