El Salvador Valdivieso Farms El Portezuelo Caturra Black Honey


A single origin, single region, single estate, single variety coffee produced in the painstaking black honey process.  A unique specialty coffee to say the least.

From the farms of our friend Julio Valdivieso; coffee history that transcends more than four generations back to the founding fathers of the Salvadorian Republic.  Julio's coffee blends a rich history of coffee and politics with innovative agricultural and processing techniques.

While on a mission to check out the coffee seen in Taiwan, our friend Steven happened to meet Julio at a trade show in Taipei.  The smell of delicious coffee led Steven to the stand were Julio was exhibiting his Specialty Coffees of El Salvador.  Two Latins meet in Taipei... A friendship is sure to ensue.  The Valdiviesos are remarkable people of culture and grit, the only thing better than their coffee is their friendship.

Variety: Caturra

Region: Ataco, El Salvador

Altitude: 1450 MASL

Drying: 80% Sun and 20% Machine

Process: Black Honey

Grade: 1 Specialty Prep

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays raw sugar cane, molasses and chocolate and butter with notes of strawberry, mid body and good acidity.

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