East Timor Aifu FW Organic - Lacau


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This is an Aifu FW grade organic coffee collected from 23 families in Lacau village, which is south of Ermera and Alieu in the western part of East Timor.  Growing altitude at Lacau ranges from 1500-1700 masl and varieties grown include Hybrid de Timor(Moka) and Typica(Arabe).  Pulped parchment is fermented for 24-48 hours before drying on patios and raised beds.

Coffee plantations were introduced to East Timor in 1815 by the Portuguese.  however, many of the Timorese communities were displaced during the Indonesian invasion of 1975.  Consequently, much land was abandoned and coffee plantations have since grown wild, thriving in the countries rich mountainous environment.

Origin: East Timor

Region: Ermera

Sub-region: Lacau

Processing: Washed

Grade: Aifu FW

Growing Altitude: 1500-1700m

Variety: Arabe, Hybrid de Timor

Certifications: Organic

Cupping Notes: Blackberry, chocolate, nice intensity with a long finish

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