Colombia Timana Excelso


Colombia Timana is an Olam brand from the Timana sub-region of Huila, located between the two main branches of the Colombian Andes which provides excellent weather patterns for growing coffee.  The Colombia Timana brand is an Excelso grade washed coffee and a blend of Caturra and Colombian varieties.  The coffee is grown between 1,600 and 1,950 meters above sea level.  Given the micro-climates in the Timana region and optimal terroir for growing coffee each Colombian Timana lot has a unique, impressive notes.  No two are exactly alike other than being consistently very good.

Country: Colombia

Sub-region: Timana

Processing: Washed

Screen Size: 90% over screen 15

Growing Altitude: Greater than 1600m

Coffee Grade: Excelso

Cupping Notes: This coffee has very good body with red fruits, cherry, sweet and semi-sweet dark chocolate notes.

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