Colombia - Madre Laura - 120hr Red Honey Anaerobic Jerico


Cupping Notes: Pears, delicate black tea, balanced, gentle acidity, silky, clean cup

Town: Jerico, Antioquia

Varietals: Caturra, Dos Mil

Altitude: 1900-2000 masl

Size: 5 farms/farmers from the town of Jerico

Process: We partnered up with 5 of our more detail-oriented farmers to set-up a Special Processed coffee done inn community.  Our friends in Costa Rica, who have won several COE's, suggested a 120 hour pre-fermentation Honey process that we immediately began experimenting with.  We began experimenting with 5 kg batches of cherry until we reached uniformity in the cup with the 5 farmers involved in the project.  We then increased the batch sizes to 25 kg and began producing this 120 hour Red Honey on a larger scale.

25 Kg worth of cherries are hand selected, only the ripest, and placed in a Grainpro bag, tightly sealed to prevent any contact with oxygen - anaerobic.  After 120 hours, the cherries are depulped, lightly washed to remove any floaters and sun dried for 12-14 days.

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