Colombia Cauca Asobombo Inza Organic


This is an organic, Excelso EP grade washed coffee from Coombia's Cauca region, notable for its mountains and volcanoes.

Grown at heights between 1600-1900 masl, this coffee is of the Caturra Castillo varieties.

The organization who grew this lot is characterized by a group of small producers in the municipality of Inza Cauca, totaling 80 producers of which 12 are women and the remaining 68 men.  The area is rich in minerals which makes it rich in nutrients for coffee production, the farms of the organization are located at altitudes ranging from 1500MSNM to 2200MSNM.  The total area covered by the association covers an average of 217 hectares in production.

The organization was born from the necessity to look for a market.  They had already worked several years in quality and processes of clean agriculture.  The reason for certification came from the awareness that coffee is a food and the importance of following their ancestors' practices of clean environmentally sustainable production.

Producer: Cooperative

Processing: Washed

Processing Description: sun dried

Certifications: Organic

Plant Species: Arabica

Variety: Castilla, Caturra, Colombia

Coffee Grade: COL CA WA EXCO EP10

Growing Altitude: >2000m


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