Burundi Rugembe Hill FW

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Cupping Notes: Melon, white peach, clean, lime and grapefruit

This coffee is processed at Migoti washing station in Mutambu Commune of Bujumbura Province, Burundi.  The coffee is a red bourbon cultivar of the arabica varietal, grown on different hills around the Migoti station at altitudes of 1600-1950 MASL.  (the Migoti station is located at 1850masl.)  Rugembe Hill has 444 farmers with over 12,000 coffee trees.  The word Rugembe is translated as "the sword".  The hill is about 3 kilometers from the washing station and sits at roughly 1700 MASL.  The soil is sandy, loam and clay.

Wet Mill: Migoti Washing Station

Processing: Washed

Processing Description: Processed through a 3 disk McKinnon depulping machine then subjected to a double dry and wet fermentation lasting 24 hours and finally placed on raised drying tables.

Coffee Grade: BDI CA FW SC 15+

Growing Altitude: 1700m

Screen Size: 15 up


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