Brazil Tchedo Figueiredo & Dario Botrel Yellow Bourbon Lot #002

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CUPPING NOTES: Caramel, yellow fruits. tangerine, round body. Sweet and herbal aftertaste.

Dario's story starts with his mother, Maria Aparecida who inherited Matão Farm from her father, Dário Botrel de Figueiredo, and embraced with love the management of the farm. She faced many difficulties in this hard work without much encouragement, but she persevered and proved to be a great farmer over the years. The farm is close to the Serra de Três Pontas and has excellent topography and altitude, which favors the production of good coffees. Dario always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was an agronomist and he learned from a young age to have love for this land and for coffee, always seeing his mother's struggle and being determined to take it all on her own. Taking over the farm for Dario was a natural thing, something he always had in mind. It was pretty challenging at first dealing with the transition to a modern, much more technological way of producing coffee, so he had to break many paradigms. Gradually he brought innovations, technology and adjusted the farm to a new level, always aiming for a productive, sustainable and great quality coffee.

Fazenda do Engenho comes from the history of three brothers who had a lot of area in the Engenho region famous for the good quality rapadura and cachaça production. Of these three brothers, one was the "Colonel Américo Rodrigues" who was Tchedo's great-grandfather. Today the property is one of the three centennial headquarters and is conducted Tchedo and his mother Jaqueline. Since he graduated from UFLA (Federal University of Lavras) in 2011 he has been seeking continuous improvement in processes through training for personnel, search for technologies and certifications. The farm is at the foot of the Campos Gerais mountain range reaching almost 1000 meters of altitude. His focus is to produce quality coffee with sustainability.  

About the Coffee

This partnership between Dario and Tchedo created a coffee that represents the flavours of South of Minas Gerais and highlights the young producers that are starting to take over the management of farms and bringing a completely new and sustainable perspective always aiming to improve quality of theirs coffees.

PRODUCERS: Dario Botrel & Tchedo Figueiredo
REGION: Sul de Minas
SUB-REGION: Tres Pontas and Campos Gerais
COMMUNITY: Serras de Minas Group
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETALS: Yellow Bourbon

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