Brazil - Cafe Delas - Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira Diogo


Cupping Notes: Pear, yellow plum, honey, almond, toffee

This is a Fine Cup grade Semi-Washed process coffee from Brazil. The producer of this lot is Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira Diogo of Farm Estiva. Varietals include Catuai & Mundo Novo. 

Story of the Producer:

”My parents were coffee producers and I married a coffee producer’s son as well, so I was always involved in this area. I had a misfortune of my husband dying very young, at the age of 47, and I had to take over the management of the farm. And since coffee production has always been present in our lives, I have a great passion for the production and that is what motivates me to continue in this profession.”

Farm Name: Estiva

Producer Type: Single Estate

Processing: Semi-washed

Processing Description: Dried on patio and horizontal crying machine

Plant Species: Arabica

Varietals: Catuai, Mundo Novo

Growing Altitude: 1300 MASL

Screen Size: 16,17,18

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