El Slavador SHG EP - La Joya


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This is an SHG EP Grade coffee from the La Joya farm located in the Apaneca - Ilamatepec sub-region of Santa Ana in El Salvador.  La Joya harvests 14 hectares of land and is owned by producer Ignacio Fernandez.  Growing altitude for this lot is 1330 masl and the variety is entirely Bourbon.  Coffee is fully washed and sun dried in traditional clay patios.

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Santa Ana

Sub-region: Concepcion de Ataco, Ahuachapan<Apaneca - Illamatepec

Processing: Washed

Grade: SHG EP

Growing Altitude: 1350m

Variety: Bourbon

Cupping notes: This coffee displays cashew butter, cherry and plum with a very nice intensity.

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