Brazil Esmeralda


Alta Mogiana is a traditional coffee region covering the northeast of the state of Sao Paulo and also some cities in the State of Minas Gerais.  The tradition of producing the best coffees comes due to natural conditions as altitude, climate and ideal rainfall and as a result of extensivve experience in growing and processing specialty coffees.  Known worldwide for producing Arabica coffees of exceptional quality, with a distinct profile, featuring balanced body and acidity, excellent natural sweetness and a carmelized fragrance, the region is located on a plateau with an altitude between 800 meters and 1200 meters, being Pedregulho one of the highest cities of the region and the state.

Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm is part of a farm collective consisting of 5000 hectares, with 1100 hectares dedicated to coffee plantation and a growth plan to double the planted area in the coming years.  It is an average altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, temperatures around 20 degrees celcius and an average rainfall of 1500 mm/year, distributed mainly during summer, alternating with dry periods in winter.

Country: Brazil

Region: Sao Paulo

Sub Region: Alta Mogiana

Producer: Nossa Senhora Aparecida

Process: Natural

Altitude: 950-1100 MASL

Varietals: Icatu, Mundo Nova, Obata

Screen Size: 16/18

Drying Method: Sun Dried

Direct Trade: Yes

Cupping Notes:  This coffee displays toasted almonds and dark chocolate in a full bodied cup. 

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