Behmor 1600Plus Drum Roaster


This roaster comes with a gift certificate for $25.00 off your next order of green coffee as well as free Shipping (Excluding some locations where a flat rate applies) 

This is the largest quantity coffee roaster that we have and it has been delighting home coffee roasters for years.  It is a great home coffee roaster that has the ability to be upgraded whenever enhancements come out.  This roaster has many characteristics that will delight the home coffee roaster:

  • Roasts up to one pound of green coffee beans
  • Quartz heating elements and drum's rotation result in consistent roasted beans
  • Five pre-programmed roast settings
  • Patent Pending smoke suppression technology for indoor roasting
  • Quick cooling cycle at the end of the roast
  • Manual control capability
  • Lighted interior to monitor the bean's roast progress
  • Quiet operation allows for easy listening of a roasts stages
  • Removable chaff tray and roasting drum for easy cleaning
  • Easy to clean interior
  • Easy to read digital display

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