Sumatra Tano Batak Lintong Wet Hulled

$14.12 $15.12

Cupping Notes:  Melon, pineapple, herbal, fresh tobacco

Tano Batak is a premium brand. Tano Batak coffee has a 16 and up screen size and comes from the Lintong and Dolok Sanggul regions near South Lake Toba in Sumatra. At 1,400 to 1,550 masl, this region has the highest coffee growing altitudes in North Sumatra.  Six collectors buy coffee directly from small farmers and in weekly village markets. The collectors wet hull the coffee at 28-32% moisture and then dry it in green houses. Once around 11-12% moisture, they run the coffee over densametric tables before sending it to Medan for hand sorting. Given the exceptional quality of these coffees, they are each processed separately as microlots.

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