Brazil - Marcelo Paraiso - MG2


Cupping notes: Red apple, caramel, honey, lemon zest, lingering

Bioma Estate was formed by our producers Marcelo Nogueira & Flavio Marcio Silva, with sole purpose to produce specialty coffees. The estate is located in Cerrado, Brazil at 1,100 and 1,206 masl. Cerrado Mineiro is known to produce incredible coffees because of its high plateaus and its rich biodiversity. Bioma is able to produce many exotic varietals like: Yellow Catucaí 2SL, Paraíso, Topazio, Guará, IBC 12, Arara and others. But aside from Cerrado’s perfect coffee growing condition, Marcelo and Flávio are very detailed oriented about the production and quality of their coffees. At harvesting season the coffees are separated by lot, varietals, and harvest date. Making sure that the lots are kept separate throughout their entire dry and wet process. The lots will only mix after their strict sensory tests to ensure cup uniformity. And after their drying process, all the harvested coffees are processed in the farm's own dry/wet mill facilities which help with quality control of the coffees from beginning to end. Marcelo & Flavio work side by side to produce extraordinary coffees, while applying sustainable practices to help and create a balance with Cerrado’s great Biomes.

FARM: Paredao
REGION: Cerrado Mineiro
SUB-REGION: Campos Altos
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1100 masl

DRYING METHOD: Rotary drier

Harvest details:

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