Brazil Pre-Umber Regional Blend


This 50 pound specialty blend from Brazil is packaged in GrainPro packaging and shipped in a sturdy cardboard box.

Cupping Notes: Caramel, white chocolate, plums, balanced acidity

FARM: Fazenda Cerradao, Fazenda do Celso, Fazenda Estancia Santa Luzia & Fazenda H.M
PRODUCERS: Lucio, Celso, Gabriela & Alexander
REGION: Sul de Minas & Mantiqueira de Minas
SUB-REGION: Tres Coracoes, Sao Goncalo do Sapucai, Tres Pontas
COMMUNITY: Serras de Minas Group
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 900-950 masl
VARIETALS: Mundo Novo & Red Catuai

She graduated in International Relations with Postgraduate in Sustainability Management and Corporate Responsibility and she always worked with public policies focused on entrepreneurship and innovation as well as the area of ​​communication of research and teaching institutions. In 2017 she returned to her hometown and began working together with her father in the administrative and financial management of rural properties. Her farm works only with natural coffees and always seeks to maintain balance and sustainability, aiming at quality and social welfare of those involved. They have all the processes well defined and all operations are daily recorded which guarantees the traceability of all lots of coffee with detailed information and steps until the commercialization.

Celso's journey in coffee started in Parana (South of Brazil) where he worked as a cherry picker, when he turned 19 years old he moved to Tres Pontas (South of Minas Gerais) to work as cherry picker, his love and passion for coffee were evident and he soon started to take care of his friends farm. By taking care of this farm he learned a lot and was able to save money to buy his own farm where he has been working hard and producing amazing Red Catuai. His coffees are the base of our regional blend.

Gabi and her mother have taken over the management of the farm after Gabi's father passed away. Always focused in quality improvements Gabi passed her Q Grader exam and started implementing different process at the farm with resulted in amazing coffees. Gabi and Maria Silvia are a part of IWCA Brazil which is a network of women in coffee with the purpose of knowledge sharing from crop to cup between Brazilian women producers. 

Alexander's story in coffee starts with his grandfather who moved from Germany to Brazil and always had a dream to have a piece of land and build a life on the countryside. Alexander's dad bought a piece of coffee producing area in Boa Esperanca, Minas Gerais where he planted coffee trees and also sugar cane to produce "Cachaça" which is a famous Brazilian drink made from fermented sugar cane. Over the years Alexander dedicated into learning more about his coffees and began to roast and sell to close friends and family, he started to realize the quality of his product and the importance of focusing in post harvest and good management of his family's farm.

About the Coffee
This coffee represents the flavours of Minas Gerais. It a was project done by Danielle with producers Laiz, Celso, Gabriela and Alexander which resulted in a balanced blend that shows a great mix of flavours between South of Minas and Mantiqueira de Minas.


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