Colombia Tolima EP - Azahar Gaitania Blend


This Coffee is a blend from the various farms in Gaitania, Planadasin the Tolima region of Colombia.  ASOPAP has 19 active members.  Tolima is the third largest coffee producing province in the country and this particular blend is is from the Planadas subregion.  Tolima is known for high Quality soil and abundant natural streams that flow from three snow peaked volcanoes in the region.  This coffee was sourced in partnership with the Azahar Coffee Company.  Azahar works with Colombia's best coffees and coffee farmers.  They establish relationships and pay higher, stable prices regardless of the market because good coffee farming should be profitable.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Tolima

Subregion: Gaitania Planadas

Processing: Washed

Flavour Wheel: Sweet, Fruity

Coffee Grade: EP

Growing Altitude: >1600 MASL

Varieties: Caturra, Typica

Cupping Notes: This coffee displays cherry, grape and watermelon with a very nice complexity.

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