Behmor 1600 Plus Roaster - Price Increase March 16 2017, 3 Comments

Well the price increase has come into effect.  As of March 20, 2017 the manufacturer has told us that the MAP now is $489.00.  Do not be dismayed, with the current exchange rates it is still cheaper to buy these roasters in Canada and with our free shipping* over $75.00 we are still the best bang for your dollar.

We look forward to continuing to service all of your home coffee roasting needs.

With the way our Canadian dollar has been trending, American's are now looking to find deals from Canadian stores when they are buying their roasting equipment.  The manufacturer likes to keep the playing field level between countries and so sets a minimum advertised price for retailers who are selling his roasters.  This price is supposed to take into account the current exchange rate and bring the price comparable to what the American price currently is.

We are anticipating that this will mean a minimum of a $40 price increase in Canada.  So I would highly recommend that if you are looking to get a Behmor 1600 Plus roaster that you do this quickly before the manufacturer updates the MAP for Canada.

Happy Roasting!!!!