Free Shipping over $75.00* March 17 2014, 0 Comments

In this day of the internet and internet shopping one of the greatest concerns of many people have is how much will the shipping be.  I will try to address this issue without complicating things too much.  We are trying to focus our business on the home coffee roaster in Canada.  Thus we wanted to use a shipper that would be able to reach every home within Canada at a fair price.  For this reason we have chosen to use Canada Post and are using a flat rate shipping price.

We have now added Free Shipping on orders over $75.00 (Sorry NWT, Nunavut, and the Yukon do not receive free shipping but do get discounted shipping).  If you do not want to order $75.00 worth of merchandise you will need to use our flat rate shipping option.

So what does flat rate shipping mean?  Well let me give you an example.  Say perhaps you are from Alberta and have chosen to order 2 pounds of coffee.  In this instance you would pay $12 for shipping.  Thus you would be paying $6.00 a pound for shipping.  But let's say instead of two pounds of coffee you ordered 12 pounds of coffee.  In this instance your shipping would still be $16.00 and so you would be paying approximately $1.33 per pound for shipping.  Quite a savings.

Now maybe you are really a coffee enthusiast and like to roast coffee not only for yourself but for some friends and family.  In this instance you have decided that you want to order 20 pounds of coffee.  This bumps you up to the next shipping rate at $22 but your cost per pound for shipping would drop to $1.10 per pound.  If you are wanting to order more than that you can message us through the contact page and we will be more than willing to figure out the best shipping rates that we possibly can.

Therefore you can see from these examples that your cost for shipping is based off of the province that you live in as well as the weight of the merchandise that you are ordering as well as if you spend $75.00 or more.  If you haven't already taken the time to read our shipping information in the footer area of our webpage I would encourage you to do so.  We look forward to filling your order and shipping it within one business day.

Oh yes!  If you are in Alberta and will be driving by Ponoka, please feel free to send us a quick message via our contact page to make arrangements for pick up and save yourself the cost of shipping. 

Hope you can enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee.