Aerobie AeroPress February 27 2014, 0 Comments

Have you ever had to spend a week-end away from home?  This last fall my wife and I spent a week-end in Vancouver.  It was nice to have some time away by ourselves.  Our five kids were spending the week-end with Grammie and Grampie and we were getting some alone time but disappointment struck us when we woke in the morning and put on the hotel coffee pot.  The coffee was a bitter disappointment and we looked at each other and said that we wished we had brought our own home roasted coffee with us.

At home we enjoy coffee using our Clever Dripper ( which we hope to have in stock by next week).  The problem with the Clever Dripper is that it doesn't pack so well in a suitcase.  We certainly didn't want to chance breaking it while travelling so our search was on for a portable coffee maker that we could take with us when we were away from home.

After talking to many people and spending a lot of time researching we discoveered the Aerobie AeroPress. This coffee/espresso maker not only produces a delicious cup of coffee  but it does it all in 30-45 seconds.  All we need is a kettle to heat our water and some freshly roasted coffee beans.  It is compact and packs well into a suitcase and a Porlex Hand Grinder (in stock next week) will fit in the middle allowing us to grind our home roasted beans and enjoy a great cup of coffee at home or while on vacation.  Never will we have to drink bad hotel coffee again.

Vacations will never be the same.  We can now wake up to a delicious cup of coffee whether we are at home or on vacation.  It will make being on vacation that little bit more enjoyable.