Launch! January 28 2014, 1 Comment

I love coffee.  I love that freshly roasted coffee smell.  I love picking out different varietals of green beans and roasting them and finding new flavours and new experiences.  I love that green beans are grown in places that I want to visit, by people whom I wish I could meet. I love talking about coffee, drinking coffee, sharing coffee...I just really like coffee!

It was a cold Christmas morning many years ago that I first experienced home roasted coffee.  It was the beginning of a journey that I hope continues for many many more years to come.  I lived in a tiny community in the Northwest Territories and good coffee was hard to find.  So my wife bought me a roaster and a few pounds of green beans.  She teases me that a monster was born that day.  

In the hamlet where we lived there were no movie theaters, no restaurants and no coffee shops.  So I started to "take my wife out for coffee" in the living room of our log cabin.  It was nice.  But then we rediscovered something that we knew already- shipping to small northern communities is expensive!  But I consoled my Scottish heart with the realization that even with the pricey shipping, home roasting coffee was cheaper (and way better) than any coffee shop "down south".

Fast forward a few years.  Now we live in rural Alberta and news flash!  Shipping coffee is still expensive!  I did a lot of thinking and decided to start selling green coffee beans in Western Canada.  And because I'm selling green beans I found some roasters that I really like and am carrying them, too.  And I've found a new coffee maker designed to brew freshly roasted coffee that I'm excited to try, as soon as it arrives.  And if it works as well as I think it's going to, guess what? it will become available in Canada!!  

So here it is: Pre-Umber.

-D (written for J)